Support for ANRUR, Morocco (National Agency for Urban Renewal and Renovation of Derelict Buildings)

A review of projects in Morocco was carried out to identify those likely to benefit from technical assistance and subsequent financing by the Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI) institutions, which principally include the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). One project to be selected was the provision of support for the Moroccan Ministry of National Development, Planning, Housing and Urban Policy (MATNUHPV) and the National Agency for Urban Renewal and Renovation of Derelict Buildings (ANRUR), specifically to aid ANRUR’s urban regeneration and repair efforts in relation to older private residential buildings in poor condition.

Context of the project

ANRUR’s role in Morocco

A key player in a promising urban and social policy

ANRUR, the National Agency for Renewal and Renovation of Derelict Buildings, was established in Morocco in 2016 by Law 94-12 and the associated implementing decree. As a national entity in change of projects for urban renewal and the restoration of derelict or dilapidated older buildings, it will enable a highly effective urban socioeconomic policy to be pursued. Old and dilapidated urban structures house economically precarious and socially vulnerable people, which contributes to the ongoing deterioration of the urban landscape. The creation of this new public body will enable a new aspect of the national development policy for rural and urban areas to be put into practice.

ANRUR’s primary role concerns urban renewal and the renovation of derelict buildings. Within its legally assigned sphere of competence, ANRUR will thus take charge of regenerating older and dilapidated urban structures, by making improvements to public spaces, basic infrastructure and equipment. It will provide social project leadership for its operations and programmes, while also advocating a participative approach, so as to achieve its goals while ensuring that all stakeholders are fully engaged with its projects.

The UPFI project

Under the Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI), the decision was taken in December 2020 to provide support for ANRUR’s structuring and ramp-up.

This technical assistance project aimed to:

  • Support the MATNUHPV, as the supervising ministry, and ANRUR with the operational roll-out of ANRUR’s strategy;
  • Provide additional capabilities to support the MATNUHPV and ANRUR in defining and implementing a training plan for personnel;
  • Draw up an initial estimate of likely operational finance needs based on ANRUR’s roadmap and financial model.