UPFI, supporting sustainable urban project initiatives in the Mediterranean

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“Imagine the southern Mediterranean tomorrow… 245 million people living in urban areas. A huge challenge for this region of the world.

The Union for the Mediterranean, the European Union, the French Development Agency and the European Investment Bank have joined forces to achieve a successful transition towards sustainable Mediterranean cities.

The Urban Projects Finance Initiative (UPFI) supports project promoters in the southern and eastern Mediterranean, helping them to prepare and to finance ambitious urban development projects, which aim to create jobs, to reduce poverty and to upgrade the urban fabric.”


Workshops on Mediterranean urban and territorial development

UPFI, for the creation of a network of urban expertise in the Mediterranean: AVITEM (Agence des Villes et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables) organizes each year workshops for town planning executives of the Mediterranean region. Thanks to an immersion in 3 metropolises of the region, these workshops aim at developing common analyses of the governance issues of these territories and identifying outstanding experiences. In the framework of the Institut Méditerranéen des Hautes Etudes Urbaines et Territoriales, and in partnership with AFD, GIZ, CMI and the Mediterranean Climate House, AVITEM proposes for 2018 a focus on Tanger-Tetouan, Greater Tunis and Greater Algiers. The first workshop of the program “Metropolitan transitions: from project to action” will be held in Tanger-Tetouan from May 7th 2018 to May 11th 2018 and focus on the Moroccan experience of decentralization, and urban resilience to climate change. The second workshop will be organized in Tunis in July 2018, and the third workshop will be conducted in Algiers in autumn 2018.

Latest resources

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